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Where are the Rules for Growing Old?

I need a how-to book on growing old. There are things about aging that my mother did not mention, those ‘unspeakable’ topics that we are too embarrassed to discuss. Or is it that we don’t want our children to know the down sides of getting on in years? It also can be a joke we are playing on our kids, keeping the secrets that will bumfuzzle them when their bodies begin to have telltale signs of decline.

For instance, how do we handle thinning hair? Do we ask our friends how they handle it, or do we act as though our hair isn’t really falling out by ‘puffing it up’?maxresdefault

A dilemma I am facing is eyebrows. Do I pluck the grey hairs from above my eyes or leave them in? If I pluck them, I will soon not have any eyebrow hairs, and I’m not excited about that. But, will someone tell me where to get advice about this personal issue.

Surely I’m not the only person on the planet who would like some guidance around these sticky concerns…or am I?

And how about the hair growing out of the men’s ears? aging 3Are they suppose to pluck them, shave them, fertilize them or leave them be? Beats me, but apparently a large number of the masculine line think it’s best to ignore them, let them grow uncontrollably, and get stronger hearing aids.

How about the rubber-board skin that doesn’t go away even with 2 pounds of cream applied hourly? And, there is nothing more embarrassing than waking to find you have a crease (or two) running down your face after hugging your pillow all night. Use to those wrinkles would disappear within 20 minutes or less. Now they are still visible 24 hours and another night’s collection of facial dents later. Oh, the challenges of hard sleeping!

These are just a few of the questions that plague me on a daily basis. The list does go on and on and on, I’m sorry to say. This may be the reason we hesitate to wander the halls of nursing centers…aging 1we look at our future and want to run and hide, denying the realities that if we live we age.

The only thing my mother told me was growing old isn’t for sissies, and I’m learning not only is she right, but I could have used more specific details about this path I’m taking.

10 thoughts on “Where are the Rules for Growing Old?

  1. Last week a young woman told me she had decided to “Embrace the phase I’m in.” Me too, I thought. But as for the problems you raise, I plan blog about them in reply. It’s a great big topic you have raised!


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