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Masks–What Do They Hide?

I have a large number of pictures of various masks/faces from several countries and cultures. And I wonder why I find them so fascinating. Is it the creativity each artist demonstrates in designing them? Is it what is unseen behind the masks? Is it the mystery that our imagination conjures up as we view these works of art?

What do they say to you? Share what emotions they bring to the surface for you.



                                                       1.  Anger? Rage? Frustration?



Power? Fierceness? Threatening?
2. Power? Fierceness? Threatening?


Joy? Laughter? Pain?
                     3.   Joy? Laughter? Love?


Confused? Clever? Jolly?
4.  Confused? Clever?      Jolly?
Confusion? Envy? Questioning?
6. Confusion? Envy?    Questioning?
Concerned? Thoughtful? Pondering?
5. Concerned? Thoughtful? Pondering?
Innocence? Eager? Young?
7. Innocence? Eager? Hopeful?

11 thoughts on “Masks–What Do They Hide?

  1. I’ve always found masks to be a little creepy, even when they’re smiling and apparently playful. Guess it’s knowing that anyone could be behind one. Sounds like the makings of a scary movie!


  2. Interesting. Makes me wonder where you got them and what that source said about them? But your asked for our reactions so to me: #1 Reminds me of the face of a warrior just as he runs shouting into the fray #2 says leader to me. I see strength and do you also see a star: the top point on his forehead, two at his eyes, the other two on either side of his mouth Lyn is right about #3 I think #4 looks like a representation of comedy (as sometimes the theatre is presented as a two sided mask of sadness and humor for drama and comedy #5 does look pondering, but the rounded cheeks make me think he might laugh next #6 whose eyes are so wide looks amazed or even afraid to me #7 is perplexing: tiny wings, large wide face, very intense eyes, he doesn’t look cherubic to me – it makes me uneasy and I don’t know why…..that’s my take for whatever it’s worth! Love it when you make me think! Jo


    1. Pix 1–taken in San Miguel Mexico , and it was over a door of a restaurant.
      Pix 2–taken in Kenya and he was a tribal leader, and I do see the star.
      Pix 3–taken in Italy hanging on a fence.
      Pix 4–taken in an artist’s home near San Miguel
      Pix 5–taken in Paris, France
      Pix 6–another pix found in the artist’s home near San Miguel .
      Pix 7–over a door in San Miguel and I agree, it is unsettling.
      Thanks for your insights.

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