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Am I Superstitious? Not Me!

Superstitions. How do they get started? Why do they persist? Are they of value? And do I really believe any of them?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but recently I caught myself reacting to one I learned as a child: don’t walk under a ladder.

Now at 74, one would think it is time to give up such silly beliefs that a black cat walking across your path, or breaking a mirror, or crossing under a ladder could and would impact your life. However, there I was, questioning if I should walk under a fire escape stairway since it looked like an open ladder. I could walk down the sidewalk a bit further and make it to the front door of the building, or I could take my chances and stroll under the steps and save some time.

What to do? Risk bad luck or change my path?

With trepidation I took the shorter route and sighed with relief when nothing fell on my head. I was home free…or so I thought.

I’m now questioning whether getting a speeding ticket later in the day had anything to do with my trek under what looked like a ladder, or was that a black cat that dashed across the highway minutes before the police siren caught my attention?


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