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Are You a Backpack Specialist?

Packing for a trip has become a job, in and of itself.

How much to pack?  How to pack?  What type of luggage? And the list goes on and on.

In anticipation of a 2+ week trip sometime in the next year, I’ve begun looking at options. Not that I don’t have a closet full of bags. Of course I do, in all sorts of sizes, styles, etc.

Seems simple enough
Seems simple enough

But, I have decided to make this trip with only one piece of luggage that I don’t have to check at the airport. That seems to beg for a backpack that I can strap on and keep my hands free for shopping (of course).

Trust me, just go to the backpack aisle and you will be overwhelmed with selection options. Large, small, colorful, dull, cheap, expensive, and everything in between.  Not only that, but you will be rubbing shoulders with mothers looking for school bags for their kids;

Some poor child is wearing this to class every day!
Some poor child is wearing this to class every day!

children wanting fun packs; oldies (current company included) needing comfort and ease; and the travel WARRIOR who is seasoned in the ways of wardrobe packing.

If you stand around and start asking questions you will be amazed what you can learn from the average shopper. People are nice about telling you what their cousin’s father-in-law recommends for types of strapping on a backpack. Or a brand they have heard of that you should NEVER buy. Or how much you can stuff into this type of backpack,

This is what I may look like with my one bag limit.
This is what I may look like with my one bag limit.

but of course if you put all that in it you won’t be able to lift it, much less carry it on your back.

You will learn about the best colors to select; how to wrap your laptop, if you are carrying one; how to place articles in the bag in order to have a uniform weight…and 4 hours later you are so confused you need to find the nearest travel detox center to clear the confusion that is immobilizing you.

It’s not that you don’t appreciate all the advice, and you did ask for it, but it is called Too Much Information (TMI).

I need help!
I need help!

One can’t process all these details without some sort of filter or an intermediary to decipher what options best suit you. Who knows how much you can carry without slipping a disc or changing your walking pattern permanently?

Now this is my idea of a backpack.
Now this is my idea of a backpack.

Can someone tell me whatever happened to the days when an overnight case was the only option so we lived with it? Certainly we have become more sophisticated in our demands for variety.

There is always something newer, better, brighter that appeals to us.

I think we have been saying that about men for decades.

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