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Where Did My Giggles Go?

I hear the 2 little girls across the streetgiggling 2 playing in their backyard, innocently giggling not knowing anyone is listening.

And I wonder,” when did I quit giggling?”

Was I 5?

No, I remember climbing atop our garage to catch my older sister smoking when I was 5. I thought it was  funny when I saw her inhale and start coughing uncontrollably. I giggled then.

Was I 8?

Don’t think so, because I recall flying through the air in the school giggle 9yard swing and giggling at my sense of freedom.

Maybe I was 12 when I no longer giggled.

No, we moved to Texas that year and my younger sister and I giggled in the car thinking about the cowboys and horses we would see the next morning when we got our first glimpse of the wild west.

Was I 15?

I don’t think so, because it was that year I discovered boys were cute and my girlfriend and I would giggle in the hallway between classes when we passed our current heart throbs.

I’m sure I must have giggled some after that, but it’s locked in my memory bank.

Giggling is different from laughing, and maybe it is a ‘girl thgiggle 6ing’.I guess little boys giggle, but I didn’t grow up with brothers, so I can’t say for certain. All babies giggle.
Do boys still giggle when they are 5 or 8 or 12? And when do giggles turn into laughter? Is there a magic age when we drop the titters and go into full-blown guffaws?

I’m sorry I don’t giggle much anymore.

I think I’ll go across the street and join the little girls. Maybe they can teach me to giggle again.giggle 4





28 thoughts on “Where Did My Giggles Go?

  1. Hmm, now you’ve got me wondering when I last giggled. I laugh a lot, but you’re right, it’s different. Perhaps I’ll giggle coquettishly at my husband tonight. No doubt he’ll think I’ve lost a marble or two. That actually sounds like fun!


  2. This post made me giggle! Or was itca titter? Either way, I totally enjoyed this post! What great memories you brought back! You used a very clever way of presenting your topic with the When did I stop giggling! This was delightful!!

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  3. Life tends to throw anti-giggling events at us as we get older, but I remember being a terrible giggler as a teenager. I still do giggle though, usually at most inopportune times….


    1. Oh Stevie, don’t you just hate it when you giggle just when you should be nodding in understanding at an absurd comment? I do wish I had a nice, tinkling giggle. Rather the sound that comes forth from my mouth is more of a loud laugh.

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      1. The most embarrassing time I remember was on a walk with the family and my son’s future in-laws and their extended family around a local garden of interest. I sauntered along and quite by chance came across a plant with the name Rubus Cockburnianus. I mean…what would you do?

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  4. I don’t giggle, I laugh out loud (very loud ☺️) a lot though. Loved seeing you Monday. Dad mentioned what a delight you always are, I couldn’t agree more!


    1. Yes, I laugh out loud (my husband said my laugh was like a demented truck driver) too. And I always love seeing you. Nice to have a kindred soul in this hotbed of Republicans! Thanks. mj


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