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Weekly Photo Challenge–Dinnertime

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Dinnertime, and I was reminded of my trip to China some years ago. We were guests in a small community and to honor our presence the villagers prepared a banquet for about 60 of us.

These pictures are of these lovely people chopping, cleaning, and cooking the meal in a make shift kitchen across a dirt road from the open air patio that served as the banquet hall.

I may have questioned the cleanliness of the surroundings, but, it was all cooked, right?

The villagers IMG_0549brought in food, pots and pans to begin the meal preparation in an empty building.


They were diligent in washing the food.





IMG_0585The women made themselves comfortable as they prepared the vegetables.





I think he was chopping chicken, but I didn’t want to get too close to the sharp blade to confirm.



                           Now that is a Wok!

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