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Humpty Dumpty Sat On a Wall…

I love visiting towns where works of art are displayed  on the streets, particularly various sculptures. I’m not thinking of statues of soldiers on a horse with guns and swords at the ready. My taste runs more to the quirky, or odd ball.

Recently I was in Eureka Springs, AK for a family reunion, and I was enchanted when I saw this charming soul perched on a ledge overlooking downtown. This was obviously before Humpty’s great fall. Or maybe this isn’t Mr. Dumpty at all. Maybe it is the town muse deciding what to muse about, sitting there alone, often overlooked, but observing all the comings and goings.


Now, admit it, this is a rather unusual and imaginative piece of art. Does it rival some masterpieces found in various parts of the world? No, but it does make you smile. And it stimulates comments, questions, and raised eyebrows.

In cities throughout the world there are examples of artists expressing their creativity and sharing it with those wandering by. In Asheville, North Carolina, I saw a sculpture of a cat, sitting atop a fence, its tail wrapped around a picket, and a bird just out of reach teasing its predator.

Down the street was another work of art: a huge iron…as in clothes iron. Just waiting for a giant to set up an ironing board and begin pressing a blouse.

I’m always intrigued by not just the creation of art, but how the artist thinks of what to create. Who would think of making this Humpty Dumpty looking character and placing it atop a downtown ledge? Whoever did is part genius, part artist, and part comedian. I would like to meet her/him, and then meet the city officials who had the vision and appreciation to agree to display such a unique piece of art.

Isn’t he delightful?

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