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Solitude Is Necessary

Solitude is intriguing. It nourishes me, it drains me, it demands from me, and it leads me to interaction.

I’ve spent most of my life not participating in any activity that was solitude in nature. I wanted people around me. I wanted activity and interaction, and lots of it.

But I’m becoming accustomed to my alone time, in fact, I’m seeming to require more of it.


I like being alone, and I never knew that about myself. Could be that I’m learning to enjoy my own company; a new phenomenan for this kid.

I’ve learned I can find face to face companionship whenever I want it by just walking out my door. I can make my way to the grocery store and always see someone I know. Or I can cross the street and knock on a neighbor’s door to chat about the armadillo that is burrowing in my yard. I can wander to the town square and stop in for a glass of iced tea at my favorite restaurant where I can usually find someone who will at least say hello.

Local committees and boards are always needing volunteers who will attend meetings, give money, and pick up trash on the highway. Now that’s always a really fun activity for this 74 year old! But I am good at delivering bottle water to those folks who are bending over and actually doing the heavy lifting.

More and more I am finding myself in front of the computer, typing away, reading the products of other bloggers’ creativity, and connecting with people through cyber space, rather than eyeball to eyeball. To do this, it takes, at least for me, some uninterrupted time. I have to concentrate on what other’s are thinking and sharing. I have to be still and alone to get my own thoughts focused for someone else’s edification. How else am I going to hear ‘that little voice’ that keeps nagging me?

There is a probability that I started blogging because I  wanted to connect with others and form a different community for myself. Not one that requires that I move, or that I attend a certain church, or join a club.

This community would be open, diverse, and non-demanding. Just people coming together to share their uniqueness, their talents, ideas, stories, lives, ups and downs; often nameless and faceless, but expressing themselves honestly, and often with a great deal of courage.

I don’t like what you are writing? No need to argue or disagree, I just won’t follow you anymore. This is much easier and far less emotionally draining than facing off in a shouting match…or an OK Corral episode.

I’ve found something unusual with this blogging adventure: my solitude leads me from isolation to connection, and then back again to isolation.

Aloneness is necessary for me to write, and when written, it is importalone 2ant to share. Then, I hit the off button on the computer and once again I surround myself in solitude, gathering inspiration for my next post.

Does solitude feed you?

23 thoughts on “Solitude Is Necessary

  1. I cherish those moments of solitude. I need to be able to be able to “hear” my own thoughts, if that makes sense. And the only way to do so is to spend some quality time with just me, myself, and I.


  2. I am most comfortable with a balance. I go out several times a week to have lunch with different friends or see a movie. In the morning, late afternoon, and evening I am usually alone with my two cats, who provide affection and entertainment.. I volunteer at a thrift store for 2 hours/week. I do travel with one friend but I travel by myself too. Life is good.


  3. Good for you and alone time. I think it is good for all of us. My blog is my favorite get away. I never kept a journal or diary and have been blogging for 10 years. Yikes! Good post, keep ’em coming.


  4. 10 years ago I couldn’t spell blogging. I’m late coming to the party. Thank you for reading my blog, Jo. I thought I was following your blog, but I’m not getting any posts. Will you resend your blog address.


  5. I’ve heard it said that there are two types of people- those who recharge their batteries alone and those who recharge with company. I’m definitely the first type!


  6. II have always recharged with people, but I have to have alone time these days to figure out what to do with these ‘charged batteries’ and the energy they create. I’m puzzled about this shift in the way I am reacting to togetherness and aloneness.


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