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Curves Offer the Spice in Life

curves 7When I think of a curve, I think of a road winding up a mountain. Not just A curve, but a series of curves; plural vs. singular.

My life is and has been a journey of curves, most of them not intended. Not one bend in the road, but a bunch of turns and twists that have led me to who I am, where I am, and how I am.

Maybe the curves were created because I never had a ‘long term’ goal for my life. I had short-term missions, but most of the time I didn’t ‘see’ or plan for the consequences that were created when I planned a trip.

curves 2“I want to live here”.

“I want this job”.

“I want to marry this person.”

“I want to travel there.”

But certainly I didn’t think about what it would be like if I lived in a certain place, or attained a particular position. How could I know what curves were ahead on a road I’d never taken?

Life has offered a variety of curves: fun, exciting, interesting. Some have been scary, afraid to go forward, but no way to turn back. Other curves were painful to manuver, difficult to round.

But, oh, the vistas I have seen! The experiences I have enjoyed! The laughter I have shared. The tears I have shed.

Thank goodness for all those curves. I would probably tire of a straight road unflavored by the mystery of seredipity.


Living would be painfully boring without a curve or two.

What does a curve mean to you?


16 thoughts on “Curves Offer the Spice in Life

  1. Great analogy!! I feel the same way about my life. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse. I dated my future husband for 7 years before I married him. We met in the 8th grade. Life was hard at times but I love the me I am because of them.


  2. If I’m being honest with myself, I would have to say that for a long time I was always looking BEYOND the curves: junior-high and high-school was all about getting a scholarship to college, spending all my pennies paying off my home mortgage as early as possible, my job was all about positioning myself for retirement. I often didn’t stop and enjoy a particular day, which is where life really happens. Now that I’m retired, and time is more fluid, I’m finally breathing and learning to seize the day and not the future…

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  3. Interesting post. The curves in the road offer a new view, a different perspective on the journey. And hopefully don’t end in a cliff…


  4. Love this post Margo! I so agree. We’ve had a number of curves and I’m glad for all of them even the bumpy and pothole filled ones. They’ve led to who we are and to sharing experiences with “angels” also who have helped and encouraged. It took a while but I discovered the curves contained really good things, learning, growing, and love. They offer different perspectives than the straight-aways, even in views of going off the road onto new paths! Jo


  5. At the time I may not have been excited about where the curves took me, but in hind sight, gosh, what a trip! I use to love running a long straight road, just headed to the horizon. But straight-aways don’t last forever.


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