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Weekly Photo Challenge–Spare are various definitions of the word ‘Spare’, and what comes to my mind is ‘extra’, as in a spare tire, spare tools, spare bedrooms. Here are pictures of my spare bedrooms, just waiting on paying and non-paying guests…clean sheets and all. Spare 1 Spare 2

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Top Six Apps for Boomers

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
? ? Life in the Boomer Lane spends a lot of time reading about apps that boomers need. While she agrees that some of these might be quite useful in certain circumstances, she has yet to find apps that she would consider indispensible. She is forced, therefore,…

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Age, aging, ageless, aged, young, old, new, worn…when you think of photographing ‘age’ many words come to mind, and many visions flit through my mind. The most vivid pictures of Age (this week’s Emotography topic) are ones I took in China of the unearthing and restoring of the Terracotta Army. If you aren’t familiar with… Continue reading Emotography–Age

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Me Vs. Computers

I really hate to admit how inept I am when it comes to computers, technology, or almost anything that has an electrical plug and a cord attached. And another phase of that embarrassment is that I’m intimidated by all of the above. There is a small, but loud, voice that sings out in panic whenever… Continue reading Me Vs. Computers

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Never Heard of Garden Turtles?

Gardening is not my calling, but this time of year brings out the farming instinct in many of us. I had a brief conversation with a recent retiree and he was explaining how he has discovered the joy of planting a garden. He has 30+ tomato plants, rows upon rows of potatoes, and multiple other… Continue reading Never Heard of Garden Turtles?

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What is it about reflections that causes us to pause, take a breath, sigh, and reach for our camera? This week’s Emotography challenge has the theme of Reflections, and I realized as I perused my photos, that I have a LOT of pictures of ponds, lakes, and rivers showing reflections from the other side. There is… Continue reading Emotography–Reflections