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Blooming in My Garden

This is a shot of a lovely flower that has appeared in my garden. I haven’t a clue as to what it is, but I felt the need to share it as part of Cee’s Photography Flower of the Day post. (A friend just sent me a comment and suggested it might be Lily of the Nile. I think she is right on!).

It’s not as dramatic as Cee’s bearded iris pix, but it captured my attention yesterday.





14 thoughts on “Blooming in My Garden

  1. I haven’t one of these! And want one after seeing yours it’s the colour of our bluebells. I have a rhododendron, with blooms of fluttery pale lilac, with translucent tissue paper petals. It’s gnarled limbs resemble an aged troll. It spends most of the year in its twisted form, with buds or leaves. Over its sixty years it has stretched towards the sun, away from the hedges behind and over head.But when it blooms it becomes Cinderella in all her ballgowned glory. We returned from two weeks away only last night, just in time to catch her parading her silk.the belle of the garden party fluttering to all who gaze her way.
    I love the surprise every year, after a mild winter it blossomed early and I am pleased.


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