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The beauty of women…

I don’t have a lot of answer’s for Patricia’s questions, but once more I am reminded that discrimination against women continues to be alive even if subliminal.

6 thoughts on “The beauty of women…

  1. Sigh. This is yet another time when I wonder how “modern” society is still so primitive in many ways. And, of course, it gets my blood boiling that any woman would willingly join and vote for a political party that is obsessed with taking away the rights of women. I just don’t get it…


  2. I don’t get it either. Now we have a choice between a woman who is better qualified for the job than any man who has run in recent times and a man who chooses to belittle women (along with others), and refuses to speak the truth. The scary part…he might win.

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    1. Times have certainly changed. Back in our younger years, even though I still didn’t care for their political vision, at least the other party had some sense of decency and understood that governance is a process of compromises. They no longer do, willfully digging in their heels and throwing a fit if they don’t get their way, like we’re all back on an elementary-school playground and a bully is refusing to let anyone get on the merry-go-round…

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  3. A young girl’s beauty is only skin deep and superficial, but an older woman’s beauty comes from within. She has learned patience, tolerance, compassion and thoughtfulness amongst other attributes over the course of her life, which a young girl has yet to learn.


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