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Peace on Earth? Clean Lenses!

I have a ‘thing’ about being able to see. And I believe I have a duty to help the world see better.

I’ve worn glasses since I was about 18 months old…I’m now 74, so I’ve viewed the world through manmade lenses for 7 plus decades.

I consider myself an expert on how to take eye exams,  glasses 6how to do eye exercises, how to keep my glasses clean, how to use bifocals and trifocals.

Born farsighted and with crossed eyes, my folks recognized I had a problem when I couldn’t get my spoon into the cereal bowl. I kept missing the target!

When I was 5 they took a scary step and had eye surgery performed to hopefully ‘straighten’ my eyes. Not certain it worked totally, but my eyes could be uncrossed with glasses. I grew up clutching desperately to my specs, putting them on the first thing in the morning and removing them the last thing at night. They became my constant companion.

I’ve spent hours attempting to improve my eyesight:  exercises, cataract surgery, contacts, you name it I believe I’ve done it. What I have learned is the most important thing about eyesight is to keep my glasses clean.glasses 2 I mean no smudges, no fingerprints, no spots. I want clear vision. Any obstruction on the lenses drives me nuts. And I don’t want anyone touching my best friend for fear finger smudges might mar the shiny clean lens.

Now this isn’t a big deal except my obsession doesn’t stop with just my glasses. If I see someone whose glasses that are less than sparkling, I have this urge to yank them off their face, rush to a water source, grab a soft cloth and wipe like crazy.

This need was a point of amusement for my husband because he could go WEEKS without cleaning his glasses. I was appalled! But I learned to keep my hands to myself and wait until he removed them for the night, then make my way to the sink and clear up his vision.

And it can be embarrassing if I pass someone on the street or sit near someone in a restaurant and I notice their glasses are Filthy! It is all I can do not to offer my assistance by asking permission to remove their spectacles for a thorough cleaning, thus improving their view of the world.glasses 5

They don’t need to thank me or express their appreciation with applause. This is a community service I offer freely. It costs nothing; it improves their vision; and I’m, oh, so much happier knowing there is another set of sparkling lenses in the world.

Just think, peace on earth might be possible if everyone had clean lenses.

As I said, I have a ‘thing’ about being able to see.




14 thoughts on “Peace on Earth? Clean Lenses!

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if a new clean pair of glasses could be put on everyone’s nose and they could see into the heart of others? Might make world peace after all! Great story.

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  2. Margo, I give you absolute permission to clean my glasses whenever you notice they need it. I literally never notice–never!–and it’s always such a delightful surprise to see out of sparkling clean glasses!


  3. You are clearly an expert on this subject. I enjoyed your spectacular post, but could only make out the bottom line. Maybe I need my glasses cleaned?


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