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What is it about reflections that causes us to pause, take a breath, sigh, and reach for our camera?

This week’s Emotography challenge has the theme of Reflections, and I realized as I perused my photos, that I have a LOT of pictures oklahoma 09 059of ponds, lakes, and rivers showing reflections from the other side.

There is something about reflections on water that speaks to me, but I’m not certain what it is saying. It’s voice is soft, seductive, lingering, and I want to capture its message. christmas 2005 029

I know it is calling, urging me to come closer, marvel in its beauty, quietly enjoy its changing face. And I succumb.

I take a picture, hoping to capture the reflection’s essence, knowing when I reflect on the reflection, I will be transported to that still place that soothes my 2005 019

23 thoughts on “Emotography–Reflections

  1. Beautiful photos. I think my favourite is a tossup between the first and the last. I love the little pool, and the autumn colours reflected in the first photo that leads to the tall tree and wonderful. Thanks for joining in Margo.


  2. Like you I am “hooked” on reflections! Our lovely rivers here in the Huon area of Tasmania keep drawing me to those times when the water is still and the world upside down.
    Your photos are simply beautiful! I liked them all but especially the little creek. Thanks!


      1. I’ve tried a couple of times in venues that have mirrors or framed posters but it hasn’t worked out well. I’ve never had my DSLR with me, though…just the iPhone.


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