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Age, aging, ageless, aged, young, old, new, worn…when you think of photographing ‘age’ many words come to mind, and many visions flit through my mind.

The most vivid pictures of Age (this week’s Emotography topic) are ones I took in China of the unearthing and restoring of the Terracotta Army. If you aren’t familiar with this manmade phenomenon, I urge you to read about this fabulous army of statues that was buried from around 200 BC until 1974.

My pictures aren’t as clear as the ones located elsewhere online, but I couldn’t resist taking them even through the glass enclosures.






27 thoughts on “Emotography–Age

    1. I feel fortunate. Those ‘soldiers’ and their steeds were magical to me. Each face was different, and it left me wondering just how people did it take to make each face.


  1. The Terra Cotta Warriors are truly amazing. I have a miniature set given to us by a friend from China. We did see them when we were there and it is hard to imagine the care that went into such an endeavour.


      1. i just went down and counted them. There are four warriors and a horse. They stand about 4″-5″ and they came from China. They are down stairs on a shelf. We prize them because they were a gift and they are a suiting memento of China.


  2. How wonderful to have seen the soldiers in China. I saw a very small exhibition in London which was amazing. Perhaps one day I’ll get to see them all in situ. Thanks for sharing.


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