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Top Six Apps for Boomers

Isn’t this delightful? Couldn’t resist reblogging these wonderful new apps from:

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane spends a lot of time reading about apps that boomers need. While she agrees that some of these might be quite useful in certain circumstances, she has yet to find apps that she would consider indispensible. She is forced, therefore, to create her own and present them to loyal readers as a public service.

Find My Face App: Most boomers complain that the face and neck they see in the mirror isn’t the actual face and neck attached to their bodies. This creates a problem on Facetime, when they become distracted from listening to their young grandchildren wax poetic about trains or having been a worm in the school play. The boomer in question is actually not listening to their beloved grandchild, since all of their attention is riveted on staring at the tiny screen showing what is supposed to be their own face…

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