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We Pass This Way But Once….

David Oakes is a master photographer whose shots take your breath away on a regular basis. Check out his blog and enjoy what he captures with his camera.


I thought this may be of Interest….


Novembers Gold

The image above is of one of several  very special  Veteran Oak’s that we often pass:- it was taken at the end of November.  A rich canopy of golden and brown Oak leaves.

Fast forward to  June 1st the first meteorological day of summer and the same scene looks very different….


It is an area of Woodland that without any doubt can tell many a story of events in its life time.  Veteran Oak trees many hundreds of years old have seen Kings hunting for Deer, Soldiers in the Civil War seeking cover, followed by Nobles again  hunting but also to enjoy their new found activity of leisure….thankfully this is one custom continued today by the visitors who’s only thought is to enjoy these woods and adjoining countryside.

But of all the many magnificent Oak’s there is one in particular that we find very special. …

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