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(This is my contribution to this week’s Five Minute Friday’s writing adventure with the prompt of Cheer.)

I couldn’t help myself. I had to shout, scream, yell, beat on my drum, and yes, cheer for the boys on the field.

After all, it was Friday night in west Texas and that meant football. We had spent five days building up to this moment, wearing ‘beat tags’, having everyone sign them, making victory banners, hearing rallying speeches, playing the school song, and filling the gym for the weekly pep rally.

So, of course, we would make noise at the actual game. We couldn’t sit in the stands on a beautiful fall Friday evening and watch kids run up and down the field chasing an odd shaped ball,without  raising our voices in supportive enthusiasm. It was a football game, and cheering is what we did!

We had cheer leaders in short pleated skirts and matching shirts jumping up and down along the sidelines, waving pom-poms, and encouraging  fans to be louder, bolder, noisier in order to be heard over the cheering of the opposing fans.

Yes, we knew how to cheer…and we did it with the gusto that only crazed teenagers seem to possess.


8 thoughts on “#fmf–Cheer

    1. Oh yes, they seemed so important at the time. I left out sometimes getting a mum to wear to the game. Or did you get those? Nowadays they use artificial mums rather than the real ones. Something is lost in that transition.

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    2. I think we got mums for home games but maybe not. I never got very many so I was not an expert on the subject. Now that I think about it perhaps they were just for homecoming.


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