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Could You Hurry and Leave?

It’s off to New England for a few days, and my doglets are delighted.

They begin to get really excited when they see the bags come out of the closet and begin to fill up with my clothes.

There they are, looking eagerly from the edge of the bed as I pack and repack, planning my trip in my head. Do I need 2 pairs of jeans or just 1? And how many t-shirts should I pack? Better take a sweat shirt, because we will be in the mountains. What about shoes and socks?

They could care less what I take, just get on with it. Fill the bag, zip it up, and be gone. Get outta here, Vamoose. Skedaddle.

No, they aren’t going with me. The excitement is not that they will be traveling. The excitement is that a new playmate will be coming over. Someone who will take them on long walks (I do that), someone who will play with them (I do that some), and someone who will give them unlimited treats (I limit the number).

They know the minute the bags and I leave the house, their new playmate is on the way. You would think these ‘children’ are anticipating a visit from a fun-loving grandparent who sets few rules and is focused only on cute dog antics.

I’m not hurt that they seem to look forward with unabashed excitement to my exit. And I’m not jealous that someone else seems to be more important to them than yours truly.

Well…my ego does suffer a bit knowing my absence won’t be noticed; that I could be gone for years without a single wistful memory from them. Sigh…

I guess this is the burden all parents carry when they expose their children to the love and indulgence offered by grandparents.

And when I return, my doglets won’t see the relief etched on their new playmate’s face. Finally the dog sitter/surrogate grandparent can return home to sleep without what feels like 2 heated bowling balls nuzzled next to her body restricting movement and generating hot flashes that should have ended years earlier.

But the doglets will see great joy on my face eager to take back my place as playmate, parent, and caregiver ever ready to bend to their every demand!

What a life my doglets enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Could You Hurry and Leave?

  1. We had a Westie who got excited whenever she saw the suitcases too. It either meant she was coming with us or going to the kennel, and she loved both! She was a great little traveler, but the kennel was fun because she met other dogs and the caretakers spoiled her. Honestly, that dog just plain loved life!


  2. I’m not certain I’ve ever had a dog that ‘loved life’, but I’ve had several that enjoyed life. My favorite of all time was a cockapoo named Joy, and she was a joy. Smart, well mannered, absolute delight. The two I have now are opposite in dispositions, and both are fun. The cockapoo, Chili, is 16, and the little one is Jazz and is feisty.


  3. Charlie went to his Granny’s house while we were away. He was fed on steak, walked for hours every day and allowed to sleep on the bed. He was actually resistant to come home, the traitor. Unfortunately, he wasn’t brushed so his holiday ended with a severe haircut!
    Enjoy your hols.


  4. I hope you are happily at rest and play up in the mountains! All of our dogs have been “one of the kids” but now, kind of “only” children who are overjoyed when the “rest of pack” come to visit. Our latest, Nessa, hates the suitcases. She enjoys the “pet spa” and playing with other dogs once there…but resists leaving her home and her yard. I guess squirrels are not foolish enough to visit the play yard at the kennel, crazy critters, and they don’t lure birds into building nearby nests with feeders! So, she is glad to come home to me…or more likely her yard! I think you puppies are lucky they enjoy their vacation….and I hope you do, too! Jo


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