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Closed ’til Business Improves

Saw a sign the other day on the door of a business that had closed that read: Closed ‘til Business Improves.

 That is really funny, but also thought provoking. How will they know when business has gotten better if they aren’t there to notice a change?

I relate that message to a lot of situations in my life. I don’t want to apologize to someone until the time is ‘right’. I will make the donation to a charity when I think I’m in better financial shape. I will visit someone in the hospital when they are feeling better, and the list goes on.

I use those excuses when there is something I really don’t want to do. I don’t want to clean my gutters so I’ll wait until spring or summer or next fall, when things are ‘better’, whatever that means or whenever that is.

Thus, most of the time I am ‘Closed until Business Improves’ in my personal life. I had never thought about that until I realized that when I put off doing something, I’m hanging that ‘closed’ sign around my neck.

When will I recognize when the ‘right’ time has arrived to begin a project? Do I stand in the street or a high hill and feel if the winds have changed direction? I have this vision of the store owner outside his store’s entrance waving a flag around trying to see if business has indeed picked up enough to reopen the doors.

Probably many business owners have thought about shutting down until the cash register begins ringing again. Trouble is how is the cash register going to make noise if I’m not there to hear the sound?

So, if you see me sitting on my porch swing eyeballing the leaves sticking up from the gutters, just know I’m trying to figure out if circumstances have improved enough for me to climb a ladder and get those nasty things cleaned out. I probably have made up my mind that business has not gotten better yet and I will stay right where I am until someone comes along and tells me things are right for gutter cleaning.

Swings help put things in perspective.


10 thoughts on “Closed ’til Business Improves

  1. I really like this one, with its underlying message that waiting for perfection can be an endless wait, even if the waiting is instinct (or learned?) to do so. The world would be different if we weren’t so complacent. But in that world we might not have porch swings… 😉


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