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Peace Be Upon You

Reblogged because love must replace fear.

Around ZuZu's Barn

AR-160719465.jpg&MaxW=650Protected by darkness last Thursday night, a hooded figure crept up to the Community Center of Masjid Al-Hoda. He smashed a window with an ax, painted anti-Muslim graffiti on the front of the Mosque and then, like the coward he is, ran away.

This afternoon, people of all faiths along with non-believers gathered with community members to let them know this attack was not just on the Muslim Community, it was on all of us. We were united as human beings who were appalled at the hate and racism behind this reprehensible action. We crowded into the center for an interfaith service and a discussion of what we could do to let it be known this action was not representative of what our community stands for.

This is the place I wrote about in “It Takes A Village” .  Once called Little Rest, this is my little town.  The Mosque…

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