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DP Photo Challenge-Fun

A few years ago the local Rotary Club hosted a student from Australian, and I had the great privilege to have her live with me for 3 months.

During that time she experienced some ups and down, some of those things had to do with my non-cooking talents (more about that in another post) and some were caused from a bit of homesickness.

She decided we needed to take some pictures she could send back to some friends with the idea that she was going to paddle her way home starting with the river that runs through our town.

Her mode of transportation, as you can see, was an ice chest, so I’m showing the collage of the beginning of her journey. It was a fun afternoon and we did lots of laughing. Enjoy.

I Don't think a caption is necessary

She’s packed up and ready to start.

The process

Now how exactly am I going to get home?


“I’ve become a gun nut like these Texans, so it’s time for me to come home.”

IMG_0152 take two

The optimist!

13 thoughts on “DP Photo Challenge-Fun

  1. This is excellent and takes me back to my primary school days. A plastic crate became anything form a war ship to a space ship to a train. Fortunately it was a bit bigger uh correction I was smaller… 🙂


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