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Hillary Clinton: The Time is Now


Just because someone calls you a chair, doesn’t make you a chair. Hillary ain’t no chair, folks. Nor is she a murderer, a cheat, a liar or a thief. Just because she’s called those things, doesn’t make it so. Why are we so afraid of electing a qualified woman over an unqualified man? Or is it we just can’t stand the thought of electing a woman to lead this country?

Life in the Boomer Lane



Life in the Boomer Lane is always grateful for her readers for consistently adding tremendous value to her blog.  The following is a guest post from Pat Read.


Many of my friends and family say that they for voting for Hillary out of their commitment to defeat Donald Trump. I’d like to say that for me personally, however, that is the weakest argument for why we should vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m voting for her because as Barack Obama said in his nominating speech at the Democratic Convention. “I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”

This year’s campaigns have taught a powerful and terrifying lesson: if you repeat the same thing over and over again it will begin to…

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6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: The Time is Now

  1. Well said. I’m wishing that the rest of the world got to vote on who should be the most powerful person on the planet. US voters have a unique responsibility in that regard.


  2. YES!! At this point it’s not about Democratic or Republican, Ect. “Its all about who qualify” and the WORLD knows who that is.The rest of the world is watching American.
    Yes, GOD Bless American.


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