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Throw Back Your Shoulders And Strut!

Have spent some time reading about power posing as described by Amy Cuddy, author and Harvard researcher.

Her research has led her to the conclusion that one can gain a great deal of self-confidence by the way you stand and sit. By ‘expanding’ yourself the chemistry in your body changes, and you get a shot of testosterone, thus making you more forceful. Trust me, I’m not doing a great job of explaining her theories, and I recommend you Google her and her book ‘Presence’ to get the full picture. It is intriguing to think about internal changes that occur when one’s posture changes.

But I found an even more interesting concept that her research purports, and that is a person’s ‘likeability’ is more important than their ‘competence’. Likeability translates into trust, and that is a desired quality between friends, family, business associates, and anyone you may meet as you wander through life.

I’ve been thinking how these ideas affect me and how I can use them. I’ve been practicing throwing my shoulders back, holding my body erect, stretching my arms overhead, taking long steps, and undoing the kinks in my body. It’s amazing how my mental attitude changes by spending 2 minutes purposefully stretching out, becoming more expansive, and commanding my space.

I can feel the difference, I get a surge of energy and self-confidence, I am in Charge. Move over world, here I am.

And then, I take a look at my doglets, asleep on the furniture in full sight of me, and notice they are not reacting to my ‘new self’.  In fact, they are snoring through this transformation that is happening right before their eyes, if they would just open their eyes. The change in my testosterone level apparently hasn’t moved them to reconsider my place in the family. They could care less if I command the conversation, show leadership, or lead a parade. As long as I get the doglet food in their bowls at the correct time, and take them for a stroll around town daily, they could care less how forceful I am. They obviously have not read Ms. Cuddy’s book or seen her TED presentation, or they would stand up and take notice of the miracle happening around them.

This new found information has not moved by doglets to take a new view of me, but I have noticed that both of them are strutting with a bit more vigor! Hmmmmm.

I urge you to read about these concepts for yourself, because your take on Ms. Cuddy’s theories will no doubt translate differently for you. You can find a great deal about her and her research online, so, throw back your shoulders and make your way confidently to the library or your computer. It will be worth the trip.


16 thoughts on “Throw Back Your Shoulders And Strut!

  1. Pretty fascinating. The human brain and body are truly a masterpiece!
    On a side note…I am fairly certain if I tried this with all the stretching and strutting I would simply end up adding a bit of humor to someone else’s day!


  2. Thanks for the tip, Margo. I¹ll check her out. I¹m reading Choose Yourself! right now and think you¹d like it too. It¹s about entrepreneurship, staying healthy, and being yourself. That sounds dull and trite, but it¹s a good read.

    From: that little voice Reply-To: that little voice Date: Monday, August 15, 2016 at 8:44 AM To: Paula James Subject: [New post] Throw Back Your Shoulders And Strut! Little Voice posted: “Have spent some time reading about power posing as described by Amy Cuddy, author and Harvard researcher. Her research has led her to the conclusion that one can gain a great deal of self-confidence by the way you stand and sit. By Œexpanding¹ yourself t”


  3. Hmmm! This not a Little Voice again. You have said it right. Whatever the research you have dealt it perfectly on your self, and these things have been said time and again centuries back. And that is what is Yoga all about.
    I have replied to your comment on my post ‘I do not pose’ I think you have not read it.
    Thanks for your visit on my blog.


    1. You are correct, I had not read your response to my comment on I Do Not Pose. I love it!! What a delightful response…thank you.
      This is not a Little Voice.
      This is a Great Applause.
      This is the Precious Gift.
      This is from You to Me.
      This is what I Thank You for.
      This is what shall make my endeavors boosted.

      Liked by 1 person

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