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Howling At the Moon?

Do dogs really  howl at the moon?

doglets, howling, moon, hungry, dinner time, begging


I can tell you the doglets that inhabit my house don’t seem to have that habit, and I just wonder if any canines speak to the sky on any regular basis.

Now maybe you have some rare breed that is genetically engineered to take up conversations with celestrial heavens anytime they are outside at night. And maybe they are inclined to bark, howl, whine, or speak in doglet language to the moon. But, I’m asking, do they howl when the moon is full. Or, do they save their conversations to half moon nights?  Or, will any sliver of a moon illicit dialogue that you probably don’t understand?

My doglets are more interested in food cycles than moon cycles. Their vocabulary is quite large when it comes to meal time. Moon times, not so much.

I can tell what they are saying when they think it’s time to eat. And the hints come in stages.

  1. A pitiful steady stare is the non-verbal hint that the clock has hit a certain hour.

doglet, food, begging, hungry, moon

The pitiful look. Step one in the begging process.

humor, doglets, begging, moon,
Hey, this is my food stare.

2. If that doesn’t seem to motivate me to get up, then a bit of jumping is added to the stare.

3. It progresses to a pawing on my leg, while still staring and jumping.

doglet, moon, begging, food time,
You are not listening…it’s dinner time.

4. And when all of those tricks are exhausted and I’m still blissfully writing my blog about something they could care less about, then its time for more serious action. It’s door scratching time.

Chili is especially adept at this trick. doglets, humor, humor dogs, moon, hungryShe seems to know that if she goes to the door, I will immediately get up, hoping to avoid a mishap in the house. But, on my way to the backdoor, if I pass up the cubby hole where the dogfood is kept, she stops and refuses to go any further.

Ahhh, I say. You want to eat!

I’m slow, but I’m trainable.

Apparently the doglets aren’t.If 5 o’clock is dinner time, begging time begins around 3:30. I guess they are afraid I will forget that they need noursement.

In the 16 years I’ve shared a house with this doglet, she has NEVER missed a meal. But, hey, there is always a first time. She doesn’t trust my memory as I age. And she wants to remind me that she is not aflicted with dog dementia.

5. But the demand for food isn’t over until the food is in their bowls, and safely guarded.

Jazz: ‘I’m guarding this bowl in case Chili wants my dinner.’

Chili: ‘Don’t even think about sharing my food.’

Moon howling isn’t an issue at our house, but food howling certainly is.


8 thoughts on “Howling At the Moon?

  1. Our Freckles knows exactly when five o’clock comes, and besides the staring she does a bit of ‘talking’. It’s not really barking or howling, just sort of a rowr-rowr-rowr-rooowwwrrrrr! 🙂


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