Past Imperfect – #109

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The Thompson Triplets, with their intense patriotism and even stronger attraction to men in uniform, never missed a troop train rolling into town. They collectively had a total of 47 children, and this population influx eventually led to their home state gaining an additional seat in the House of Representatives.…

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Thursday Doors–September 29

                                              This weather-beaten door was in a small town in China, and I liked not only the door, but the hardware that secured it.

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Dear White People

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Can we talk? Can we truly talk about the elephant in the room that you never want to talk about? Race. Let’s talk about race. I’m black. I’m a woman. Two indisputable facts that you may have noticed. I’m a mother. To a son. He’s the light…

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Fall Style Tuesdays of Texture

Don’t you want to run your hand over the rough rocks, shuffle your feet in the fallen leaves, and cling to the fragile tree limbs?  Fall offers such wonderful textures. The leaves, wood and rocks provide a multitude of textures that encourage me to touch them all.

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Monday Window September 26

re looks medieval, but is located in Pennsylvania. Monday Window                                                                                          … Continue reading Monday Window September 26

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What Comes Next?

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I heard a news commentator say this morning, with some unrealized optimism, that perhaps the Presidential Debates that begin tomorrow night will at long last be the beginning of a “serious Presidential Contest.” The Los Angeles Times states that, “Scope of Trump’s falsehoods unprecedented for a modern presidential candidate.”…