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Airplanes Give New Meaning to the Words “Get on Top of Me”

Gosh, I can hardly wait for these new innovations in flying. Thanks to Life in the Boomer Lane for providing us with a look into the future. Groan…

Life in the Boomer Lane

LEEP-CyberFace (1)

Last year, airplane manufacturer Airbus filed an amusing patent for two-story seating in its wide-body aircraft. The patent, presented in a proposal titled “Passenger Arrangement for Vehicles,” shows a mezzanine level of seats reachable by steps. Second-story passengers sit right above those on the floor below.

According to Airbus, “Passenger cabins are therefore fitted with as many rows of passenger seats as possible, which are positioned with as little space between them as possible…the mezzanine seats in a wide-body aircraft would “still provide a high level of comfort for passengers”, while making use of a “substantially un-used upper lobe of the aircraft fuselage”.


An excerpt from the document reads “In modern means of transport, in particular in aircraft, it is very important from an economic point of view to make optimum use of available space in a passenger cabin.”  According to another source, “As airlines reach the limit of how…

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