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A Legend Entry With More Than Allowed


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‘Legend’ is this week’s six word story challenge from Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. You can enter just one story, but I have several that I’m putting in my post. Here are my suggestions, although I entered only the first one.

  1. Was it true? Who would know?
  2. Her star glowed brightly before fading.
  3. A tale of truth and lies.
  4. She was known as a prodigy.

8 thoughts on “A Legend Entry With More Than Allowed

  1. They’re ALL great, Margo! I’d love to see what you could do with a short story (or a novel!) based on any or all of them!aybe not so much the truth or lies one–it sounds like something I’ve maybe already read–but the others appeal to my imagination! Kareyb

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    1. Thanks…I’m still not certain I could write a story or a novel. I’ve just never thought I had that much fiction in my soul…although I have been known to twist the truth a bit. I was always told that was considered lying…not fiction telling!


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