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Passion Or Enthusiasm?

passion-8, enthusiasm, passionate, differences,

I wonder how much passion I have.

enthusiasm-12, enthusiasm, passionate, differences

Enthusiasm? Yes.

Passion? I dunno.

So, how much enthusiasm does one need to be passionate? And what are the differences in the two words or emotions?

Off I went to Merriam-Webster Dictionary to figure out if I’m passionate or enthusiastic or a bit of both. Turns out, they really have the same meanings, and here is what I found:

Enthusiasm–1. strong excitement about something : enthusiasm-14, enthusiasm, passionate, differencesa strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy; 2. something causing a feeling of excitement and active interest : a hobby that someone feels enthusiastic about. Eagerness, interest, fervor, passion, gusto, zeal, zest, keenness, excitement, fire, craze, interest, hobby, mania, pastime, pursuit, fad, fashion, leisure pursuit, favorite activity

Passion–1. a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something, 2.  a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way, 3.  a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone. Desire, hunger, thirst, appetite, craving, lust, ache, rage, fury, outburst, fever, anger, furor, fit, obsession, excitement, infatuation, enthusiasm, zeal, delight, emotion, fervency. 

Okay, I have been highly passionate based on the number 3 definition. In fact, I’ve had lots of days and nights riddled with sexual and romantic feelings. passion-2, enthusiasm, passionate, differencesYes, I remember those interludes with clarity and wistfulness. But was that ‘strong excitement about something’ Enthusiasm or Passion? Could be a lot of both because at the time I didn’t try to define it. I was too busy enjoying it!

Interestingly, the definition of enthusiasm did not include anger, even though I have been highly enthusiastic about being mad. Or, was I was feeling passion rather than enthusiasm?

You see why I am faced with confusion over the topic of Passion? I certainly want to accurately define my emotions so readers won’t be confused.


Looks like you are on your own in finding the differences between the two emotions.

However, I would recommend you add passion to your vocabulary when wooing a sexual partner. After all, passionate just sounds more compelling, stronger, and enticing, than enthusiasm’s  weak synonyms of zeal, zest and hobby. That sounds sooo boring!

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