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My Body Was a Temple

This is a guest post from Kathryn Stucker.  She would love to receive feedback about her first poem in the blogosphere. Enjoy.


My body was a temple

But now is a disaster.

It fails me from head to toe

As the years pass by faster.


Once I was so fleet of foot

And almost never fell down.

Now I’d better not try it –

I would surely break my crown.


I could bend and twist around,

Put my foot behind my head!

Now when I pull on my socks

A sharp pain fills me with dread.


I could throw a ball so far

That I was known for my arm.

But now I can’t toss a rock

To protect myself from harm.


I loved to climb the tall trees

And see the world from on high.

Now I’m glad when I don’t trip

On the bottom step – no lie!


I had a figure to show –

I wore a bright bikini.

Now the line from bust to thighs

Is more maxi than mini.


My long hair was golden blond

In the pageboy then in style.

Now still long but mostly white,

Atop my head in a pile.


My skin was so smooth and fair.

I was such a pretty bride.

Now I have wrinkles and spots

In places I cannot hide.


I won’t change anything though.

I’ve earned every lump and scar.

Take me as I am or not,

But I’ll take you as you are.


Kathryn Moore Stucker – 2014

13 thoughts on “My Body Was a Temple

  1. I have no plans for a blog – life already has too much to do with too little time and energy. I’ll continue to send poems to ‘that little voice’ from my 25yr backlog of jottings and the new ones that tell me they need to be told.


  2. He has a different take on aging than I do. “My Body…” is humorous, abt the quirks and foibles of going from an athletic girl/woman to a stiff kneed 75yr old. Not abt losing charm and integrity. Not abt feeling bad and disturbed at all. My sense of humor may be unusual but my friends and I share such stories all the time – that keeps us alive and vital.


  3. Ms Stucker, thank you for submitting this vivid description of what we all hope for – just to reach the age of 75 is a win for most of us, regardless of the aches and pains.
    Thank you, ‘that little voice’, for offering a platform to so many of us newbies.
    I look forward to the next submission by Ms Stucker.


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