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 Kathy Stucker has sent another interesting post that I find fascinating, since my mind doesn’t run in this direction. I would never have thought of these homophones. Test yourself, and enjoy the challenge.


Words that sound the same but with different meanings, whether or not they are spelled the same. Example: ant’s aunts.

I am a ‘word person’. Homophone puzzles just appear to me without much effort while I’m doing mundane things, triggered by something seen or heard, but are often forgotten before I get to paper and pencil. All but the last three on this list were created in one day (with effort) for this example. My puzzles use the same number of words in the clues and in the homophone answers. Some versions allow longer descriptions or are just 2 homophobe words, not a phrase – little challenge there. The two-word puzzles may or may not be original but I suspect the three and four word puzzles are. The first two favorites at the end of the list are ones I’ve remembered (with some effort) for years because they were my first homophone creations. The brand new one has become an instant favorite. I’m not really crazy, just a little addled.


Clue:                                                    Homophone:

Conceal pelt                                       Hide hide

Single debt                                         Lone loan

Won’t chant                                       Can’t cant

Stingy claim                                        Lean lien

Rapid diet                                           Fast fast

Early funeral                                       Morning mourning

Endless possibilities, so to make it more fun and challenging, I use 3 word clues and 3 word answers.

Treats cad’s feet                                 Heals heel’s heels

Send masculine armor                       Mail male mail

Tolerate naked beast                        Bear bare bear

Evade car scam                                  Dodge Dodge dodge

Met baby antelope                            Knew new gnu

Fibbin’ reclinin’ feline                    Lyin’ lyin’ lion


My favorites – the best are the most complicated and obscure:

Sinnin’ Irish Hebrew                          Errin’ Erin Aaron

The next one stretches the rules a little but is too good to omit:

Organized evil weapons                    Sorted sordid swords

4 word clues and answers:

Organized mixed evil weapons        Sorted assorted sordid swords

A brand new puzzle which appeared magically in perfect form – for us country folk:

Your sheep eat trees                         Youse ewes use yews


I hope you decide to create homophone puzzles for yourself and to share with your ‘word’ friends. Exercise for the brain!                                                                 Kathryn Moore Stucker, Pine Ridge AR


11 thoughts on “Homophones:

  1. They are more fun in your head than on paper and impossible to solve when the clues are verbal, not written. Am I crazy to love them? I don’t care!


      1. I gave printed copies to some friends and one asked me to not stop doing homophone puzzles. My reply was “I can’t not do it as they appear in my brain”. My next thot was ‘not’, ‘naught’, ‘knot’ which became “Macramé has value = Knot not naught”. Again: I can’t not do it.


  2. Turned it into a party game for word people. Leave clue list as-is but scramble the answers so they have to be matched up. Draw a line from each clue to the right homophone answer. Keep 2 word list and 3 word list separate. Use 4 word versions only for entertainment, not a puzzle. Enjoy.


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