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What Are We Talking About?

Have you ever been involved in 2 conversations in a car when there are only 2 of you there?

Since I usually am travelling by myself, I had forgotten how the driver is not only talking to me, but is also carrying on a side conversation with other drivers on the road.

“Don’t cut me off.”

“What are you doing?”

“Which lane do you want?”


“Make a decision, already.”

“Oh, come on, you can’t turn from that lane.”

“Go ahead and pass me.”

“Hey, slow down.”

And the one-way dialogue continues, unheard and unheeded by the offending driver who is no doubt having a similar chat with errant motorists he finds offensive.

I use ‘he’ because my experience has been that men are far more verbal about perceived road rudeness than females. I may be wrong,.. just saying a woman usually is in deep conversation with the passengers, or singing along with a song on the radio, or chatting up someone on the phone.

Of course, that is the behavior that has the men in the cars around her muttering, screaming, exclaiming, yelling and complaining.


The problem with all of this, if you happen to be the passenger, is the conversation becomes disjointed and rather boring as you listen to someone giving instructions to a driver who can’t hear them.

You: I really thought…

Driver: Will you just move over?

You: I’m hugging the door as it is.

Driver: Not you. The idiot driving that car.

You: Oh, as I was saying: I thought the movie was good, didn’t you?

Driver: No way!!! You can’t be serious! I’m not letting you cut in line ahead of me!

You: You didn’t like the movie?

Driver: Huh? Look at that fool, trying to pass on the right.

You: I don’t think that fool can hear you.

Driver: Well, I can at least voice my displeasure at his rudeness.

You: Yes, but we could talk about the movie.

Driver: What movie?

You: The one we just left.

Driver: Oh yeah. It was pretty good.

That bike rider is in my way! Move over, move over, get out of my way. car-cartoon

You: Good grief (spoken just before you jump out of the moving vehicle).



20 thoughts on “What Are We Talking About?

  1. My husband makes fun of me for the way I talk to other divers, “excuse me sir, could you use your signal next time?” “Ma’am, I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t tailgate me” “must we go under the speed limit, Sir?”

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  2. Love this!
    I read somewhere that drivers who mutter and complain about other road users are far less likely to exhibit road rage and to hurt someone or damage something. The theory being that they are giving vent to their anger as they drive along so it doesn’t build up inside them.

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