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Is There a 12 Step Program for Poli-coholics?

I need a 12 step program.

In fact, before November 8 the entire nation may need more than just a Poli-coholics Anonomous program. We will need one-on-one counseling on anger management, truthfulness, sleeping disorders, and paranoia. That will be followed by withdrawal therapy after the election.

You see, emotionally, I’m jagged, jarred, edgy, and cranky.

It comes from being obsessed with today’s  political politicsenvironment. I wish I could turn off the TV. I want to quit reading the trash talking going on in the Presidential race. But, I’m addicted to this drama that is playing out across our nation. And I don’t think there is a 12 step program to help me.

If such assistance was available, these may be the steps recommended:

  1. Admitted we were powerless over the TV remote control and the Internet–that our lives had become unmanageable.
  2. Came to believe an end to the madness is in sight, and we could be restored to sanity.
  3. Made a decision to lock ourselves in a closet without access to political rantings.
  4. Made a searching and fearless inventory of all our electronic devices. electronics-2
  5. Admitted to friends and neighbors our need for political stimulus
  6. Were entirely ready to have concerned individuals remove all electronic gadgets.
  7. Humbly asked them to remove such gadgets.
  8. Made a list of all people we had shouted at, laughed at, tormented and ridiculed and became willing to not mention their ignorance in their Presidential candidate choice.
  9. Made direct comments to such people informing them we would stay out of their lives, except when to do so would cause confusion or inconvenience to ourselves.
  10. Continued to block all political news, and when we erred we promptly would get back in the closet. closet
  11. Sought through isolation to protect ourselves from over indulgence in political rhetoric.
  12. Having survived the 2016 election debacle, we recovered our electronic gadgets and once again became normal human beings with average insanity issues.

Gosh, I believe I feel better…if I can refrain from mutilating that Trump sign in my neighbor’s yard!

17 thoughts on “Is There a 12 Step Program for Poli-coholics?

  1. Too funny, and so true! You should hear the arguments my dad and I have. It’s a wonder we’re still speaking. I’m far too caught up in the drama!


    1. Aren’t we all? We don’t want to hear any more, but can’t resist tuning in. Crazy making. Bob and I just refuse to talk about politics…that way we can keep our relationship from sounding like the political candidates’ debates! Ready for this to end. I’m so tired of this closet!


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