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Time Change Confusion

tinme change, doglets, confusion, doglets, My doglets don’t ‘get’ time change patterns. Food time is the same whether we turn our clocks forward or backward. They think they should be fed twice a day at exactly the same time. Change the clock however often you want…their 12 hour eating schedule remains the same.

So depending on whether we are leaving Daylight Savings Time or moving into DST, I either get an extra hour of sleep or the hungry hounds wake me an hour earlier. They are consistent, I’m the one who gets terribly confused.

I do understand one must have time to reflect on such things as consequences of the twice a year clock adjustments, and since my schedule allows me the luxury of reflection on the mundane, here are some of my observations.

For instance, someone suggested the reason for DST is so the politicians have more daylight hours in order to play golf golf, time change, doglets, politicians, time, confusionwhere they reportedly are working out the nation’s budget issues while honing their golf swing. The national debt doesn’t seem to be declining, but I understand golf scores are going down.

As  mentioned above, the major consequences of adjusting the clock an hour one way or the other in my house is that my doglets don’t care where the hands on the clock point, they know within nanoseconds when it is time to eat.

Thus, instead of waking me at 5 a.m. for the first of the bi-daily rituals, I can slumber an hour longer or be shorted 60 minutes before heavy breathing and pawing intrude on my beauty rest. Admittedly, as a young newlywed, early morning heavy breathing and pawing did not bother me. Hot canine breath is just not the same.

I can’t tell that any of Mother Nature’s creations can tell when we move the clock forward or backward. The flowers, birds, squirrels, etc. seem to continue their routines as though no one touched a time piece. They could care less what we humans do to amuse and fool ourselves. They are blissful in the knowledge that there are nuts to gather, worms to surface, buds to bloom, and the sun continues to rise on a non-manipulated schedule. We mere humans believe we can improve on Mother Nature. We are such dreamers.

Anyway, I relish the extra sleep I enjoy 7 months of the year due to time changes, no matter whether the golf, politicians, time change, money, national debt, golf, financial woes of the country are solved via a hole in one or not. Since my doglets aren’t confused by the time change, maybe the alarm clock shown below would work to keep them slumbering until the sun rises. I do need my uninterrupted beauty sleep.

                                    I’m ordering this clock immediately

time change, doglets, confusion, time, politicians, money

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