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A Plea for Right

This post is my simple attempt to right what I see as a travesty that puts our country in peril.

It may be a futile cry, but I must voice my tear-strained plea.



7 thoughts on “A Plea for Right

  1. I agree that the electoral college should go – it was established when transportation and communication were in the horse and buggy age. However, Trump will be our president and we must respect the office. A smarter Clinton campaign strategy would have made a huge difference – talk abt Hillary, not Trump, for the 14 mos leading up to Nov 8. Let Trump offend all of us by himself. Hillary should have run as an educated woman with the assets of women, not as one of the political “guys”.


    1. Sorry, but this loss is not her fault. she did nothing wrong except be a talented, smart woman who has dedicated her life to this country., and thus threatened most of the white male population. I do agree that he will be our President and we do need to respect the office…not the man, but the office.

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