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And What Happened to You?

No, I was not in a bar fight.         eyelids-3

No, I didn’t fall on my face.

No, I didn’t get into a boxing match with a crazed bully.

No, a train did not hit me.

I look like this on purpose.

Hard to believe something good will come out of looking like I lost a ‘poke in the eye’ contest, but I’ve been promised that in fact, this  ugliness will have huge benefits…as in being able to see more clearly.

The doctor wouldn’t lie to me, would she?

You see, I had droopy eyelids

droopy eyelids, urgery, eyelids, vision,
Well, maybe not quite this bad!

and part of my vision was blocked along with a lot of light. I became aware of the problem when raising my eyebrows didn’t solve the problem. For years people thought I had a permanent expression of ‘Oh, I’m so surprised’ since I kept my eyebrows at the top of my forehead in order to keep my eyelids open.

But alas, it was only old eyelids. eyelids-2

I remember a childhood song I learned at summer camp, that seems to be appropriate, although when learning it I did not realize I would someday be faced with the dilemma  of falling eyelids.

Here’s the ditty that describes my condition before the eye surgery:

Do Your Eyelids Droop?

Do your eyelids droop?

Do they wobble when you stoop?

Do they kick you in the mouth when you’re eating soup?

Do they crowd you out when you’re riding in a coupe?

Do Your Eyelids Droop?

The answer is: Not anymore.

I don’t look great now, but in a week or two all bruises will have disappeared, I’ll look years younger, and my vision will be ever so much better. Well, that’s what the pamphlet said, so I’m going with that.

Meanwhile, I’m wearing a sign that says:   “Suckered Punched by the Election Results”.



15 thoughts on “And What Happened to You?

  1. Wow… I wouldn’t want to see the other guy looks like:) How long before the swelling goes down? Oh you would make up some pretty good stories… You fought of an angry bear etc…


    1. Bruises shouldn’t last more than a year or two. I could make up something exotic…I was standing near a pyramid and a stone rolled off and hit me. Or, I’m testing out Halloween outfits for next year. Or,, I had my face painted to try different color combinations, such as red, blue, black, yellow, green, pink, purple, chartreuse?

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  2. One of my cousins had that done – said she cold see so much batter afterwards. Since it’s a family trait, I may need it eventually. I can really see it in the mirror first thing in the morning but my eyeballs do appear later.


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