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What Still Fits ?

A group of family women were entertaining themselves over the Thanksgiving dinner table when the topic of weight surfaced.

Not unusual after a third helping of pumpkin pie and Blue Bell ice cream.

We were lamenting how the distribution of our weight seems to shift, especially when 20, 30, 40 pounds have been added to our aging frames. It’s downright frustrating to realize we will never look as good as we did when we were 20. In fact, when one thinks about it, we will never again look as good as we do today.

How’s that for a point of brightness added to your day? Yep, it’s true. Today is as good as it is going to get when talking about how I look physically. Tomorrow I’ll probably have more wrinkles, less hair, more flab, less sight, more senility, less hearing, and the list goes on.

But the conversation was not a total ‘downer’. As we each noted that the clothes we once wore probably won’t fit anymore, one of the women pointed out:

“I still wear the same size socks.”

And after a moment of thought, I realized—I still wear the same size bra I did when I was 8 years old.

Some things never change.

11 thoughts on “What Still Fits ?

  1. Our outgrown pants don’t fit any more for a very good reason. After so many years of seeing, learning, doing, our brains have absorbed all that they can hold. The excess is then transferred to our hips where it is stored until needed. That also explains why it takes longer to remember facts/names etc – longer travel time for the ROM to reach the brain!


  2. I’ve heard that overweight people age better than underweight people, plus it’s good to have some extra poundage in your twilight years as it acts as a bit of insurance in times of illness. So you see? Second and third helpings of desserts, pastries for breakfast, it’s good for your health AND beauty!
    Honestly, I can rationalize anything. 😉


      1. When I look in the mirror in the morning I still see the 23 year old young man of yester year …but even I have aged as I used to look like a 21 year old for about 30 years then time started to catch up on me. But I guess it what you feel like inside that matters most 🙂


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