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What Have I Created?

I’ve said many times that I am dangerous on the Internet. And almost daily I prove it once more.

The latest fiasco I have created is setting up a Nextdoor  Gardenwalk account. This is a new social media venue so folks can stay in touch with neighbors…if they are so inclined. confusion, internet, Neighborhood, Gardenwalk, neighbors, social media

Don’t ask how I happened into this site, because I haven’t any idea. I thought I was joining the local listening room venue The Bugle Boy Gardenwalk list, but hey, now I’m running a site, and people are signing up. Apparently we can share information about crime, lost and found, items for sale, ideas, events, and whatever else you have on your mind.

Will it work? Guess that depends on how many people actually sign up and use it. My niece in Austin says her neighbors are diligent about keeping everyone notified of things going on in their ‘hood. So, we’ll see how this works.

Understand, I have barely moved beyond emails in my technological education, so I can’t guarantee how well I will maneuver through this new learning experience.  Facebook still confuses me. I think that is because I don’t have grandchildren so it has not been imperative that I learn to use such sites. confusion, internet, Neighborhood, Gardenwalk, neighbors, social media And Skype and FaceTime are way above my pay grade  level of knowledge.

Just saying that if by chance you receive some message about Gardenwalk from me, you can ignore it, join up, send me hate mail, or simply erase it and chalk it up to a spam attack from someone in a foreign country asking for an electronic map to your bank account.

I promise I’m not trying to cause confusion, but since I live in a constant state of misplaced clarity, it’s hard not to pass it on!


10 thoughts on “What Have I Created?

  1. Don’t worry about it !!
    You’ll learn to use technology even better than us teenagers do !!
    No one is born a genius or a computer freak..
    We do a couple of things wrong then we do it all right !! ☺️☺️
    You’re the bestt!!
    Hope this works for you and your neighborhood ❤️


  2. I like the idea. In our area, we have a website named Nextdoor Old Roswell, which is local stuff – lost pets, break-ins, finding a handyman, etc. It’s good to know what’s happening in your hood.


    1. As long as they will work for food other than home cooked. I would like for them to be able to resume normal lives after a meal with me. And that means we will go out to their favorite eatery. Would that be at your house?


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