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The Cry of Foliage as Cold Front Arrives

Cold front coming! freezing

Now that’s not a big deal for most of you, but for those of us who don’t see much of it, a cold front means anything below 40 degrees.

I know, we are wimps.

Many of us know nothing about how to protect our bodies when temps dip below 35 F, much less how to shelter flowering plants and water faucets. freezing-2t requires knowledge that we simply haven’t had to learn. Or if we have faced dreaded cold previously it was so long time ago that our memory has faded beyond recollection.

Forecasters are warning us that temps will dip into the 20’s tonight and probably again tomorrow night. So out come gloves, caps, coats, towels, sheets, tape, and whatever else someone is suggesting we get in order to safeguard bodies and vegetation.

Because I’m not an expert on winter conditions, I have been asking other uninformed friends how they are going to look after what we treasure outside. Most  explain that they don’t ‘look after’ anything outside. They just let these fragile floras freeze and then replant innocent and unsuspecting plants next year.

I’m too sensitive for that approach.fronzen-plants-2 I can’t stand the thought of my begonias screaming desperately for cover while I toast before a lovely fire inside and out of the howling wind and freezing drizzle. The poor plants stare at me through the window, banging their heads against the pane, waving their branchy arms to get my attention.

The guilt is too much for me, so I vow to take my ownership and protective role seriously. I will cover them with something. I don’t want anyone to say I didn’t care about frozen limbs and determined blooms.

A friend told me about something she uses that is better than tying bed sheets together or duct taping towels around these sensitive shrubbery. Her solution is  ‘frost blankets’, or is it frost bedding?

Never heard of it? I never had either, so it is okay to admit ignorance. We will form a club for Winterizing Idiots, and have pot luck dinners while we discuss best practices. We could even bring in guest speakers who live further north and have experience in such things. blanket-jpeg

I digress.

Off to the store to find this miracle draping material, and low and behold, there it was on an aisle in the ‘Avoid Dead Plant Anguish’ department of the lumber yard.  It was suggested I get some clamps in order to secure the bedding edges so it wouldn’t abandon my foliage if a gust of wind blew across the patio.

And it was also recommended that I get some Styrofoam covers for the water faucets outside. Apparently, frozen pipes can create chaos to a homeowner.

I haven’t had this much fun decorating my yard in many moons. I love the look of the blankets snuggly embracing my pots.plant-cover-jpeg It certainly looks more stylish than toilet paper dripping from tree branches.

The best news is this material mutes the plants’ voices and if I remove my hearing aids, I don’t hear their pleas for help.

I’ll let you know how this bedding experience turns out. Hopefully, the vegetation won’t find it necessary to feign frostbite and picket for more cover.




12 thoughts on “The Cry of Foliage as Cold Front Arrives

  1. I am sorry Margo but, we Canadians here in the prairies have over a foot of snow already with temps reaching – 20 C at night. So yes, I do think you are wimps! Lovely post. ☃️🌨⛷ ps. Our plants can’t cry. They ceased to exist a while ago.😁


  2. Nice article!

    From: that little voice Reply-To: that little voice Date: Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 8:44 AM To: Paula James Subject: [New post] The Cry of Foliage as Cold Front Arrives that little voice posted: “Cold front coming! Now that’s not a big deal for most of you, but for those of us who don’t see much of it, a cold front means anything below 40 degrees. I know, we are wimps. Many of us know nothing about how to protect our bodies when temps di”


  3. Sounds like you live in Arkansas. Our trouble is that the weather never decides what season it is supposed to be. The covers need to come off again as soon as they get well settled. Plants put out leaves or even flowers if left under and protection during a short warm spell, and then freeze or wither without sunlight. We have many 50deg and warmer spells every winter.


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