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The Doglets’ Christmas Message


Christmas greetings from the doglets Chili and Jasmine.

Our annual venture onto the computer is restricted to the end of year holidays when our Pet is away. She is always surprised when she reads our blog wishing good cheer to everyone.

Apparently she is too lazy to write about life the past 12 months. But we are not. We believe it is our doglet duties to inform one and all about the rather mundane life Pet lives.

So, read on, after admiring our pictures. And have a wonderful holiday season from our home to yours.

Chili (Alpha Female) 

doglets, Christmas, greetings, Johnson doglets, Christmas letter


Jasmine (Obnoxious But Lovable one)

Doglets , Christmas, annual holiday greeting, jasmine


It’s that time of year

For  annual Christmas cheer,

And the doglets have commandeered

The computer with no fear.


Our human Pet

has taken a jet.

Off she’s gone

who knows for how long.


We doglets are in charge

hoping she stays at large

Allowing us to eat and sleep

On a schedule we want to keep.


2016 has been a busy year for Human Pet.

She’s traveled around via car and jet.

She visited points both north and east

And in Mexico enjoyed a jalapeño feast.


Her hopes for Hillary were crushed in the election

While less than half the country danced in celebration.

She will march with others in the streets of Washington

Voicing her concern the day after the inauguration.


Human Pet is spending time in San Miguel de Allende

Hoping to find peace as she walks both night and day.

Her creativity will become unclogged

As she puts thoughts and ideas on her blog.


Meanwhile, Obnoxious and I will continue

barking, and begging for a menu.

Demanding food bowls that are filled

With anything…well, not road kill.


The 2 of us, along with our Pet,

Wish you the very best holidays yet.

Eat, drink and be cheerily mellow

Merry Christmas, fair ladies and fine fellows.


(Of course, the rhyme isn’t perfect…we are doglets.)

Happy Holidays…

Chili (Alpha Female)

Jasmine (Obnoxious and Adorable One)

Margo (Human Pet)

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