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Paths–WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

The end of a year triggers the urge to reflect about the paths we have taken to reach our current place, and the intriguing paths that are just out of sight waiting to be chosen.

These mental musings can be humorous, sad, somber, but always challenging because they tell the story of our lives. The paths we take may appear smooth and straight, but have led us through dark caverns, rocky mountains, bright sunlit peaks, and glorious vistas.

Some days we walk alone, while other days we share with companions. We take uncharted paths, stumbling, laughing, running, crying, breathing, sitting, living.

For my contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge on Paths,  I’ve found pictures of paths I’ve traversed through the years, and paths that were left unexplored. What I know is:

I couldn’t be where I am today without first exploring yesterday’s paths.

paths, streets, weekly photo challenge, alone, companions, pathways










paths, streets, weekly photo challenge, alone, companions, pathways











And I ask myself: Where to next?








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