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Ups and Downs…and Birthdays

I’m a bit tired of all the writings about the ending of one year and the beginning of another. So I’m thinking I’ll just skip over this calendar flip and talk about something likewise inane.

Such as my upcoming 75th birthday. imagesThe big…or small…day is a few months away but I’ve been thinking about whether I want to have a party to celebrate. It would be nice to be surprised on such an occasion, but, alas, my friends are of the age that they either can’t remember when their own birthdays are, or they too are waiting for someone to throw a party for them.

That leaves the task to me. Which raises the question, am I the only one who cares that I’ve reached this dubious milestone? Probably.

So, should I celebrate alone? No answer to that one. But I have awhile to think about it.

Now, I could wonder who will win the World Series, if I really cared about the answer, which I don’t.

Or I could write something about places I have visited,imagesfl0k5lnj or will visit, or should visit, or could visit, or would visit if only I could visit…you get the picture, I hope. I’ve been fortunate in this particular lifetime (there could have been others and there may be more, who knows?) that I have traveled to many places.images5xg96o8e Certainly I’m not a world traveler, but I have been to other countries, other cities, other continents allowing me to see sights I would have missed, and feel textures I did not know, and taste spices I’d never tried, and hear birds I knew nothing about, and to feel air clogged with smog and breezes that refreshed my soul.

I’ve been fortunate to not see war up close. I’ve not been exposed to the loss of a loved one by violence. My life has been calm and peaceful when compared to what many people are enduring.

And I have friends…forgetful,imagesgdkmewpi perhaps, but nonetheless, steadfast in their determination to give back as much or more than they have received. And I thank them for adding their hand in aiding me whenever I am in need.

I wish you, my friends, neighbors, readers, lovers, haters, and those who pass me by neither seen or heard, a hallelujah, hallalujahor a whoops, or a scream of joy and a shout of celebration.

After all, you too will experience another birthday in 2017, if all goes well.

So get a sledimagesgkg4xfc7 and some good hiking boots because you will need them as you face the exhilaration of the downhill slides and the exhausting mountain climbs that are ahead. Even quiet, mundane, boring lives face the depths of valleys and the heights of clouds. images82h9qhlcGet ready, breathe deeply, and wave as you pass by. I’ll watch for you, and perhaps you will stop by for my birthday party…if I have one.





17 thoughts on “Ups and Downs…and Birthdays

  1. A 75th birthday (mine in 2016) doesn’t hurt at all. My knees feel 75 but the rest of me doesn’t – most of the time! Sounds like you are too busy to notice anyway.


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