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Fragile Beings

Why are our heroes such fragile beings? I want my heroes to be strong and kind, Honest and moral. Not just handsome Or beautiful with more ego than sense. Why are our heroes such fragile beings With flaws of omission and commission? Politics and business, religion and arts Draw those with more ego than sense.… Continue reading Fragile Beings

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In Case You Wanted to Know….

Here are a few historical facts that you may find interesting but probably not useful. Since a friend of mine received them from a friend of hers who received them from a friend, who copied them from the Internet, I’m certain they are true. Early aircraft throttles had a ball on the end of it,… Continue reading In Case You Wanted to Know….

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Sick, Ill, Flu, Under The Weather?

Yep, I’m slowly recovering from what I’m guessing is a heavy dose of the flu. That means I’ve been feeling sick, ill, not well, or as some would say, I’m feeling ‘under the weather’. Now exactly what does that mean? ‘Under the weather’? Really? I have to wonder where that term originated. I’ve been conjuring up mental images of what… Continue reading Sick, Ill, Flu, Under The Weather?

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What’s a Door Without a Knocker?

As part of Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge, I decided to focus on door knockers I found in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Visit Norm’s site for pictures of GREAT doors. Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge

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Was This Addiction? Oh No, It Was Running.

I’ve been thinking (and that is a dangerous thing) about this drive we seem to have as a nation to work out…as in exercising (eating could also be in that category). I’m not certain if we all want to lose weight, improve our health, look better, catch up on local gossip, flirt with someone, or… Continue reading Was This Addiction? Oh No, It Was Running.