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America’s Sinking Leader-ship

This is an excellent explanation of the Electoral College role in our Presidential elections. Sadly, it has outlived it’s original intent and is not functioning as intended.

Thanks to Alot from Lydia for this post.

A lot from Lydia

Someone (Nicolas Miller) once stated that our electoral system electing presidents “is truly a gift that keeps on giving”- I say if is there a gift receipt I’d like to exchange it for something more fitting a Democracy. (Democratic republic for those who can’t grasp the fact that Democracy is the ideology this country strives for.)

The electoral college was adopted in 1787. The failures of the system, started in 1800 with a tied election. Since then, elections in 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016, all resulted in the loser winning.

I finally saw the musical Hamilton last night. I loved it. It was amazing, and beyond making … what’s his name…Alexander Hamilton a household name, it shed light on the man’s genius. He was an Interpreter of the constitution, penning 51 of the 85 essays called the Federalist Papers which had the purpose of defending and clarifying the proposed…

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