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Stucker’s New Years Wishes

Kathryn Stucker penned this post for the new year, and it got lost in my inbox until today. it may be late for the new year, but the closer we get to the inauguration of the President-elect, the more this poem strikes a chord in my heart! Thanks Kathryn.


New Years Wishes


Enough to eat, a roof overhead.

Warm clothes and a warm bed.

Family nearby, friends we share.

Peace in homes everywhere.


Quiet on the streets of each small town.

Calm in the cities of wide renown.

Understanding among our leaders.

Peace in our country, dear readers.


Agreement between nations and peoples

Without regard to different steeples.

No vengeance, no hate, no fear.

Peace in all things that we hold dear.


A healthy planet, clean water and air.

Cures for disease, cures for despair.

A reason to rejoice, to all stand tall.

Peace on this earth, peace for us all.


Promise of future wisdom and growth.

Ambitious plans to share them both.

Reach for the skies in life and in dreams.

Peace forever, impossible though it seems.


Kathryn Moore Stucker – 2016


7 thoughts on “Stucker’s New Years Wishes

    1. David, thanks for your response. It seems the US is faced with a potential that we have not faced before. At least it may have been better disguised than what our incoming President is doing. Integrity doesn’t seem to be part of his MO, but he has greed down really well!

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  1. The poem was written a year ago, when you-know-who was beginning to attract extra attention. He is what he is and we can only hope for the best. I’m not going to let him upset my life – I hope!


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