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Daily Prompts–Complicated

Don’t you just hate it when life gets all tangled up and you can’t do A until you do B, and you can’t do B until you do C, and you can’t do C until you do A?

And then you wonder why you even wanted to do A in the first place. It’s all just too ‘complicated’. I think it is like a rubic cube, you have to turn a row to the left, but you have to first turn another row to the right, then that forces you to make another turn that leaves you unable to make the first turn.

Oh, good grief. What is a body to do?

Of course, some of us like the thought of being frantic, attempting to unravel puzzles that make our lives complicated. Because if we uncomplicate things, then how will we fill our days?

We won’t have anything to worry about, nothing to complain about, and we’ll be too busy correcting to notice that we probably  didn’t even need or want to be fixing what may not even be broken.

Life can be complicated…or not. It’s our choice.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompts–Complicated

  1. For several years my life was super frantic and there was nothing I could do about it and then just as suddenly as it started it ended. I enjoy the peace but it is funny how both situations called for attitude adjustments.


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