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Farewell, Goodbye, So Long, Old Friend

It’s an emotional day.

I have to say goodbye to you, ending our relationship of more than 30 years.

I’ve depended on you for decades. You know my secrets. You were there when I struggled through tough nights, and you danced with me when I soared through easy days.

It’s difficult to end a relationship that has taught me so much. You guided me, challenged me, irritated me, and surprised me. You corrected my spelling. You were there when I needed to learn another language, and you allowed me freedom to explore new relationships.

I grew under your tutelage and will always be grateful for your patience and the ease with which you coached me, even when I didn’t want to practice.

Alas, the time has come for me to learn new skills and new ways. I don’t make this shift easily or with great eagerness. In fact, I’m nervous and hesitant in taking on these new challenges. My ‘safe’ self wishes to keep the status quo, don’t bend the limb, don’t taste the flavor of the new.

The ‘adventurous’ self is urging me to take a bite out of the unknown, swing high with anticipation, and risk. You showed me how to do those things years ago, and its time to become vulnerable once again and grow.

Wish me success. Wish me speedy learning. Wish me limited days of frustration.

And I wish for you fewer viruses, more ease in your operations, and programs that don’t crash on your unsuspecting users.

Goodbye, PC. It’s been a remarkable journey. Thank you for your help. You have given me a solid computer foundation, but it’s time I savor the sweetness of an Apple.


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