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Garden Cats…and Ol’ Blue

I’ve just discovered Dutch Goes the Photo blog and the weekly Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s challenge is ‘Animals’, so I decided to feature some cats I found on my recent visit to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

I know…maybe not the animals you had in mind, but you said to have fun.

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Momma Cat watches over the comings and goings in the garden.


                                                                   Big sis daydreams…



                       Granddad does some gardening


img_11876538                                                              The kittens frolic in the grass



                                               Feral cat threatens the peace of the garden


            All is well with Happy cat as she enjoys the fruits of the garden…


And of course Ol’ Blue with a broken leg… I hope that’s not a bird he has in his mouth…


21 thoughts on “Garden Cats…and Ol’ Blue

  1. Love the sculptured cats. The style of most of them reminds me of my college ceramics professor Adolph Odorfer. I’m working on a fabric cat right now.


      1. Kathryn, I’m attempting to change computers and the other poem you mention is not showing up. Sorry for the lateness and inconvenience but you may want to send it again. But wait until next week. I’m leaving Thursday for Washington DC for Saturday’s women’s march and I doubt I’ll do much blogging while I’m gone. That way I can get it when I return. Thanks.

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