Crowds galore

This was the biggest crowd I’ve ever been in the middle of. Amazing. Just swept along with feet barely touching the ground. Not certain of the number of marchers today in Washington DC, but I would bet it is larger than the anticipated number of 200,000. A really big deal.

14 thoughts on “Crowds galore

    1. Some people marched to register their displeasure with the new president’s policies, language, and cabinet appointees. Others marched to voice their support of female and human rights. And others marched to let the world know that health care, education, environmental changes, LGBT rights, abortion, immigration,national security, and peace are the foundation of our country’s belief system.


      1. Thank you for your answer. I am sorry to say that MSM have worked overtime to find ugly things to write about Trump so that many believe that Trump has an evil agenda. Many of the groups marching are sponsored by George Soros so I find it a great waste of energy and resources unfortunately. Even sharia laws were defended in some of the groups.
        Jesus said ” take heed of what you hear” (Mark 4:24 )What we hear determine our beliefs.


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