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Sick, Ill, Flu, Under The Weather?

Yep, I’m slowly recovering from what I’m guessing is a heavy dose of the flu. That means I’ve been feeling sick, ill, not well, or as some would say, I’m feeling ‘under the weather’.

Now exactly what does that mean?

‘Under the weather’? Really? I have to wonder where that term originated. I’ve been conjuring up mental images of what ‘under the weather’ looks like, but can’t nail down a good picture of the saying.

So found some shots that seem to fit. What do you think?


weather, ill, sick, feeling bad, under the weather
    Is this a good day to stay in bed?


sick, ill, under the weather, umbrellas, storms
Umbrellas keep me under the weather.


sick, ill, under the weather, bird house, snow,
This house is under the weather.
rain, sick, ill, under the weather, flu,
We are under some kind of weather!
sick, ill, under the weather, rain, storm
Weather abounds above us.
sick, ill, under the weather
But who can be sick under this kind of weather?



10 thoughts on “Sick, Ill, Flu, Under The Weather?

  1. Just did an internet search. Some disagreement among entries but said to be naval source. If you were feeling ill you were allowed to go below the “weather deck” to recuperate. Seasickness is better coped with by staying on the deck in the fresh air with visual brings tho.


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